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What Do Anabolic Steroids Look Like?

Anabolic steroids come in different shapes, forms, sizes, and colors. This section is to give the reader a general idea of what shapes and forms steroids come in. There are more fakes/counterfeit steroids on the market than there is legit/real steroids. Fakes are sold because they are cheap to make and easy to sell. They can be almost identical to the real thing. If someone is purchasing steroids from the black market, they are likely to be scammed by a fake or counterfeit. For real, legal steroid alternatives, visit www.anabolicsmall.com

anadrol steroid
Pill Form
These steroids are taken "orally", meaning by mouth.

primabolin steroid
Ampule Form - Approx. 2 inches in height
An ampule is a sealed glass container with the steroid inside. The top is cut off, and the liquid is withdrawn with a needle.


deca steroid
Vial Form - Approx. 2 inches in height
A vial is similar to an ampule, except it has a rubber top. A needle is used to withdraw the liquid through the rubber top.

winstrol steroid
Bottle Form
Bottles are similar to vials, only larger versions.

These are the basic forms of which anabolic steroids come in.

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The information offered here is not medical advice. It is for informational purposes only. We are not doctors. Anyone taking any new medications or prescription drugs should consult a doctor before taking the drug. Anabolic steroids are illegal and only should be taken under doctor supervision and approval.